What makes Chapel Hill Preparatory School different from other elementary schools?
    Chapel Hill Preparatory School is one of seven Personalized Learning Elementary Choice Schools in Dallas ISD. Every student will have an individualized learning plan that reflects information about their particular learning styles, interests, and aspirations.
    Students and teachers will use this plan to set academic and personal goals and monitor progress. In their classrooms, students will rotate through small group instruction, online instruction, and individual and group project areas. Throughout the year, upper grade level students will also have the opportunity to select seminars that are aligned to their interests and aspirations, such as robotics, programming, gardening, cooking, or drama.
    What are the features of a Personalized Learning environment? A Personalized Learning classroom and school environment are based on four principles:
    1) Learner Profiles are used to tell a student’s academic and personal story. A learner profile includes a student's strengths, areas of growth, interests, aspirations, and how he learns best.
    2) Personal Learning Paths are customized roadmaps for all students to help them reach their academic destination. A personal learning path describes how a student will master a concept or skill - what lessons and activities she will engage in to become an expert in rigorous content.
    3) Flexible Learning Environments allow students to have voice and choice in when, where, and how they learn. Depending on the student, a student may learn in a big group, small group, or by himself - sometimes all in one day.
    4) Competency-Based Education allows students to learn at their own pace. When a student demonstrates she has mastered a concept or skill, she can move on to the next one. Teachers work closely with students to understand what they've already mastered and what’s coming up next so that students know exactly how they are progressing through content.
    Who can attend Chapel Hill Preparatory School?
    Chapel Hill Preparatory will maintain its traditional neighborhood attendance boundary. Students zoned to Chapel Hill Preparatory will follow the standard Dallas ISD enrollment process. All students living within the attendance boundary for Chapel Hill Preparatory will always have a seat at that school at any point in the year. If space allows, the principal may decide to admit non-zoned students through the district’s transfer process or through a lottery conducted by the Office of Transformation & Innovation. All students who attend Chapel Hill Preparatory will participate in the Personalized Learning program.