• Carter JROTC

Master Sergeant Lamer Nealy

  • Position: Army Instructor
    Rank: Master Sergeant
    Contact: Lamer Nealy
    E-Mail: lanealy@dallasisd.org


    Maintaining Your Ethics:

    In your heart, you usually know the right thing to do. The real question is whether you have the character to live by sound professional values when under pressure. If you have the right beliefs and values, the thing to do in most situations will be clear and you will do it. Just think through the problem, sort out the facts, and weigh the alternatives.

    To develop and maintain the correct ethical climate, leaders should reach out to their organizations, know the details of their job, trust their people, and take risks on their behalf. Recognizing that actions speak more powerfully than words, leaders encourage openness and even criticism, they listen and support followers who show initiative, and they forgive honest mistakes made in the process of learning.

    Promote a healthy environment:

    • Be a good role model.
    • Develop followers ethically.
    • Lead in such a way that you avoid putting your teammates into ethical dilemmas.