• Carter JROTC

Chain of Command

  • Battalion Staff:

    An effective chain of command can guarantee that all members are on the same team, working hard to accomplish their individual tasks and those of the unit. A chain of command depends on team members having various duties.


    Battalion Commander

    Cadet/MAJ Aliya Larzeia


    BN XO

    Cadet/CPT Hallie Anderson


    BN CSM

    Cadet/SGM Manuel Del Llano

    BN S-1

    Cadet/2LT Aniya Watson

      BN S-2 


             Cadet/2LT Johanna Barrera        

    BN S-3


    Cadet/1LT Akela Larzeia

    BN S-4


     Cadet/2LT Nadia Moreno

     BN S-5

    Cadet/2LT Myracle Chenard 

    BN S-6


    Cadet/2LT Kaiden Gipson