• Carter JROTC

Battalion Operations Officer (S-3)

  • Rank: Cadet/2LT

    Officer: Kristopher Thomas

    BN S-3


    The battalion S-3 assists the battalion commander in the preparation, conduct, and supervision of all training activities of the cadet battalion. Additionally, the S-3 keeps the commander advised on the progress of training within the battalion.


    • Prepare the weekly training schedules.
    • Select and designate cadet instructors in coordination with the instructor staff; post the weekly training schedules no later than one week in advance of training on all bulletin boards.
    • Assign areas for outdoor training and ensure classrooms are available and prepared for instruction.
    • Inspect the drill field prior to use by the battalion and prepare it for ceremonies.
    • Coordinate the training of the rifle team(s), drill team(s),Color Guard, and the honor guard; also, coordinate training for guidon bearers and manual of the saber for cadet officers.
    • Organize events such as reviews, parades, and extracurricular activities.
    • Plan and supervise field events.
    • Inspect cadet training for compliance.
    • Maintain the unit reference library.
    • Maintain the training portion of cadet records.
    • Assume command of the battalion in the absence of both the battalion commander and XO.
    • Supervise the activities of the battalion communications officer.
    • Perform other duties as assigned by the battalion commander, battalion executive officer, or the instructor staff.