• Carter JROTC

Battalion Public Affairs (Information) Officer (S-5)

  • Rank: Cadet/1LT 
    Officer: Kaiden Gipson  

    BN S-5  


    This officer acts as the contact between the corps of cadets and all news media and student publications. This officer publicizes as many of the activities of the Army JROTC program as possible to create an outstanding image of the cadet battalion and to reinforce the image of the school.


    • Maintain the cadet information board in the correct state showing news events of local, national, and international interest.
    • Keep abreast of newsworthy events in the cadet battalion; prepare and distribute news releases, articles, or announcements on events of the JROTC program to appropriate news agencies. Submit all articles to the instructor staff for approval prior to their release.
    • Act as the battalion’s point of contact with the school newspaper and yearbook committees. Ensure at least one item of JROTC interest makes every publication of the school newspaper.
    • Maintain the cadet battalion scrapbook.
    • Make recommendations to improve morale and welfare of the cadet battalion.