• Carter JROTC

Rifle Team

  • The rifle marksmanship program for the cadet battalion participates in competitive matches in Rifle Marksmanship against other Dallas Indipendant School District (DISD) Schools as well as other districts using air pellet rifles in matches consisting of four-person teams.

    Rifle Team Captain

    • Primary duties are:

      Organize the training schedule for the Rifle Marksmanship Team.
    • Schedule matches/competitions for the Rifle Marksmanship Team;coordinate these activities with the S-3 and the cadet battalion training schedule.
    • Supervise maintenance and care of the JROTC rifle range.
    • Develop the rifle marksmanship program for the cadet battalion.
    • Coordinate weapon requirements with the S-4.

    Practice Schedules

    Rifle Team: Tuesday and Thursdays from 7:45 to 8:50 a.m.

    Rifle Team Captains: Cadet/MAJ Akela Larzeia  

    Members:Cadet/Cadet/MAJ Akela Larzeia, Cadet/SGT Tommy Webb, Cadet/PV2 S. Duffie. Cadet/PV2 Z. Duffie