• Parent Involvement

    Parent Teacher Association

    At J. P. Starks, we understand the role of parents is critical to the success of our students. We encourage parent participation in the education of our students, their children. Parents can help their children become better students by setting aside a specific time and area for homework, monitoring the homework time, and checking homework for completion. Parents can also encourage the children to read. For younger grades, parents can spend quality time with their children by reading to them. Parents may wish to keep in mind that reading is an excellent substitute for television and electronic games.

    At Starks, our doors are always open and our teachers are always ready to confer with parents because of our joint interest in the students who are part of the Starks family. Additionally, parents can volunteer to assist with school activities.  Our parents have assisted with our annual Fall Carnival, the Haunted House, Math-Science Night, Character Counts Program and awards, Common Cents, and numerous other school activities.  Parents enjoy visiting the campus during our "Bring a Parent to Lunch" program. Field trips and Field Day activities also provide many opportunities for parent participation. 

    Much like the vision of the Texas PTO, the vision of the Starks PTO is to help our students reach their maximum potential. PTO meets every second Tuesday at 6 P.M. 

    Site Based Decision Making Committee

    The Site Based Decision Making Committee plays a vital role in the success of J. P. Starks and its students. A campus level planning and decision making committee, the organization consists of administrators, teachers, parents, community and business members, and students. The work of the SBDM encompasses curriculum and assessment, budgeting, goal setting, staffing patterns, and school organization.