Collegiate Academies - Building Futures Together

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Dallas ISD collegiate academy?

    The Dallas ISD collegiate academies are high schools that provide students the opportunity to earn dual credit, which is credit toward a high school diploma and college degree. By the time they complete high school, students in Dallas ISD collegiate academies can earn up to 60 hours of free college credit and an associate degree. Collegiate academies partner with institutions of higher education to enable students to earn college credit.

    Students attend ninth and 10th grade in the collegiate academy wing at the high school campus where they complete their basic courses and receive in-depth instruction to prepare them for college success. Beginning their junior year, students attend classes tuition-free on the campus of their community college partner. The district provides transportation to the partner community college campus.

    What is dual credit?

    Dual credit programs allow high school students to enroll in college courses for credit while still in high school. College credits earned through dual credit can be applied toward high school and college graduation and can be transferred to other colleges or universities. At Dallas ISD collegiate academies, students can earn dual credit in a number of academic areas, including math, science, English, government, history and more.

    What are the benefits of dual credit?

    A dual credit program benefits students in a number of ways:

    • Provides a head start on postsecondary core requirements.
    • Lowers the cost of college (DCCCD waives tuition for dual credit).
    • Expands the variety of classes available to high school students.
    • Allows access to college facilities/activities–such as fine arts performances, career development services, computer labs, college libraries, and learning skills/tutoring services.
    • Provides greater opportunities for a coordinated, seamless education.
    • Serves as a “controlled” introduction to college life.
    • Allows for an easier transition to college.
    • Builds students’ confidence and self-esteem.

    Who is Dallas ISD’s higher education partner?

    Dallas ISD’s higher education partner is the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD). Currently, the participating DCCCD campuses are Brookhaven Community College, Cedar Valley Community College, Eastfield Community College, El Centro Community College, Mountain View Community College and Richland Community College.

    Which Dallas ISD high schools offer the collegiate academy model, and which DCCCD campuses serve as their higher education partners?

    Dallas ISD High School Dallas County Community College
    David W. Carter High School Cedar Valley College
    Dr. Emmett J. Conrad High School Richland College
    James Madison High School El Centro College
    L. G. Pinkston High School El Centro College
    Franklin D. Roosevelt High School El Centro College
    Seagoville High School Eastfield College
    South Oak Cliff High School Mountain View College
    Thomas Jefferson High School Brookhaven College

    Who can attend a Dallas ISD collegiate academy?

    The collegiate academies are designed to serve ninth-grade students who have the determination to attend college and are first-generation college students who have been historically underrepresented in higher education. Interested eighth-grade students, who will be freshmen next year, can apply here for the upcoming school year.

    How many students will be accepted each year?

    Each collegiate academy will accept 100 ninth-grade students per year. The collegiate academy model begins at the ninth grade, and students will only be accepted into the program as freshmen. They will move together as a cohort as they progress through high school.

    Where will students attend class?

    Students will spend ninth and 10th grade on their collegiate academy high school campus taking core courses in a dedicated wing. The students will spend 11th and 12th grade on their DCCCD partner campus.

    What about transportation?

    Transportation is provided to both the high school and the DCCCD partner campus.

    Will students be able to participate in student activities and athletics?


    Will I have to pay tuition for the college level classes?

    No. Tuition is waived for students enrolled in a Dallas ISD collegiate academy.

    Will I have to pay for college textbooks?

    No. College textbooks will be provided to all students free of charge.

    What are the benefits of attending a collegiate academy?

    Collegiate academies enable students to:

    • Earn an associate degree while in high school, tuition free.
    • Earn as many as 60 hours of college credit, tuition free as a high school student.
    • Eliminate thousands of dollars in college tuition costs by earning college credit hours while attending high school.
    • Start college at a four-year university already having completed two years of college while in high school, thereby earning a four-year degree in less time than their peers.
    • Enter the job market with a work-ready skill upon completion of high school.
    • Become familiar with the effort required to successfully complete college level coursework while a high school student.
    • Develop confidence and self-esteem.

    How does attending a collegiate academy improve a student’s future?

    Simply put, students will earn college credit for classes successfully completed while in high school. These college credits are transferable to all Texas public colleges and universities and some out-of-state and private colleges. Students will enter college with a head start on their academic career and eventual professional career.

    How do students apply to attend a collegiate academy?

    Students can apply by completing and submitting the online application and providing a letter of recommendation from their eighth-grade counselor.

    When will students start taking college level classes?

    Students will generally start taking college level classes at the beginning of their junior year.

    Do students have to take an examination to enroll in college courses?

    Students enrolled in college courses must meet Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements. This can be done by taking the TSI-Assessment (TSI-A) and earning passing scores in reading, writing, and/or math. Students must have passing scores in specific areas based on course prerequisites. A Summer Bridge Camp will be held to help students prepare for the Collegiate Academies, including preparation for the TSI-A.