Welcome to the AoIT Recruitment and Enrollment page

    Our Academy is open to rising 9th graders each year that live in the Spruce High School district feeder pattern.  We typically begin visiting the Middle School in January and February and students will apply as part of the enrollment process for their first year of high school.  

    Program Requirements 

    Listed below are just some of the Academy Requirements expected of Academy Students:

    1. Must have an interest in Information Technology or computers
    2. Adhere to district and school policies in  regards to dress code and academic success to include:
    •      Signed Parent/Student Contract
    •      Passing of all courses
    •      Refrain from body and facial piercings and tattoos.

    3. All students in AOIT must successfully complete Principles of Information Technology during their 9th grade year .

    4. All students will be required to attend a NAF Internship(During Summer between 11th and 12th grade).     


    Selection Process:

    We do not select students for this academy on the basis of academic performance, and want the academy to closely resemble the demographics of the rest of the school.  With maximum enrollment set at 100 students per grade level we utilize a lottery system to draw student names out of the pool of completed applications.  This process is the only way that is 100% fair to all students involved.

    Apply Now!   (Download application or apply on line at link below)
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