Dallas ISD Human Capital Management

Annual Policy Acknowledgement

  • In compliance with state and federal laws, Dallas ISD requires that all employees complete an Annual Policy Acknowledgement at the beginning of every school year.

    Human Capital Management requests that supervisors verify that all their direct reports comply with the acknowledgement requirements by the deadline.
    Using their email address and password, employees will log into the Policy Acknowledgement website at https://PolicyAcknowledgement.dallasisd.org/ .
                                       Click Here for Policy Acknowledgement
    Employees will acknowledge the following:
    • Employee Handbook
    • Annual Employee Notification of District Policies
    • Confidentiality Requirements
    • Family Relationship Disclosure
    Upon completion, a receipt will be sent to the employee’s District email.


  • If employees have problems logging into the application or have other technical difficulties, they should call the IT Service Desk at (972) 925-5630.
    For questions regarding the acknowledgement process, send an email to HCMcompliance@dallasisd.org.

Resources: Annual Policy Acknowledgement