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     Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) or Password Reset Questions?  Please contact


    Dallas ISD has rolled out a 2-factor authentication for iSupplier users.  See the steps below if you still need assistance:

    1. Navigate to the IDCS My Apps catalog at  and select “Click here” under the “Need help signing in?” option.
    2. Enter your username (registered email address) and click Next.  You will receive a password reset notice.
    3. After successfully setting your password, click “Continue to Sign In“ to login with your username and new password to set a Recovery Email address that is not the same as your registered login address or set up your Recovery Phone Number.
    4. You can then launch the Oracle Self-Service app where you will have additional options to set up another verification method.  Click on “Enable Secure Verification”.  If in step #3 you chose the Email Address as a recovery method, then use the Phone Number as the 2nd verification method.  If in step #3 you chose the Phone Number as a recovery method, then no additional action is needed. 

    NOTE:  Some suppliers have encountered issues when using the Email Address as the only verification method.

    If you have additional questions, please email


    Please Do Not Call Procurement Services for Password Reset or MFA Questions, Call the Technical Assistance Center at 972-925-5630.

    To do business with Dallas ISD, it is imperative that you complete the iSupplier registration process in order to become an active supplier and benefit from the notification process.

    Warning: The session will time out if it stays idle for two minutes. Please complete or save your application to avoid losing the data.

    Please refer to the Quick Reference Card below for step-by-step instructions to accurately complete registration.

    Important: Please download, print, complete, sign, scan and save the forms to your computer before starting to register in the iSupplier portal. The forms are available on page 2 of the Quick Reference Card below.

    Quick Reference Card for New Suppliers

    iSupplier Password Reset Guide

    Note: if you are an existing supplier and intend to make changes to your existing profile, please go to the section entitled 'Existing Suppliers'.



    SECURITY DISCLAIMER:  Unauthorized attempts to defeat or circumvent security features, use of the system for other than the intended purposes, denying service to authorized users, access, unauthorized attempts to obtain, alter, damage, or destroy information, or otherwise interfere with the system or its operation is prohibited. iSupplier users are responsible for protecting their accounts, passwords, and second-factor devices from illegal use.




     There are three payment options you can select:

    Electronic - Check - Wells Fargo (Credit Card)


    What is the Wells Fargo Credit Card Program?

    Participation in the Wells Fargo Credit Card program is recommended if the supplier can accept and process credit card payments. The following link provides details about this payment offering:

    Wells Fargo Payment Manager Information


     What if I still have questions? Refer to Frequently Asked Questions.