• Medications

    All prescription medication must be in the original prescription bottle/container/package with a pharmacy prescription label that includes the following information: student name, medication name, and name of physician/licensed prescriber, instructions for administration, pharmacy name, address, phone number, date the prescription was dispensed, and expiration date.

    A Physician/Parent Request for Administration of Medicine by School Personnel (H72) form signed by the physician/licensing prescriber and the parent is required to authorize medication administration at school when a student must take medication for more than ten days. This form is available on Health Services’ website as well as in the school clinic. This medication order form must be renewed at least every 12 months or whenever changes in the prescription occur. The physician/licensed prescriber orders are kept on file in the nurse’s office for the length of time the medication is given at school or until the end of one calendar year.

    Over-the-counter medications are not routinely administered at school. When OTC medications are needed at school, the rules for prescription medications apply. Over-the-counter medication must be in the original product container/package and a Physician/Parent Request for Administration of Medicine or Special Procedure by School Personnel (H72) must be completed and signed by the physician/licensed prescriber and parent/guardian. Best practice is a pharmacy label affixed to the OTC to clarify administration of medication.

    Students may carry supplies and self-administer medication at school for anaphylaxis, asthma, or diabetes (e.g., injectables, inhalers) with a written physician/licensed prescriber order (H72) including parent permission. Students who carry and self-administer medication must also demonstrate to the medical provider and school nurse the capability for self-administration, including proper use and maintenance of delivery devices as well as responsible behavior and understanding regarding the health condition and medications.