Whole Child School Profiles (in development)

  • The Office of Transformation and Innovation (OTI) serves as an ongoing "learning laboratory" for the district, in areas such as enrollment practices, instructional practices, and empowering campus-level autonomies around talent, time, and resources. One additional area that begs for creativity are school performance frameworks (SPF). Next generation SPFs must look at a holistic set of indicators to assess school quality, rather than relying solely on standardized test scores. Under a “Whole Child” approach, there are three core domains: Academic; Social and Emotional Learning (SEL); and Culture/Climate. 

    The Academic domain includes information from state and national tests, and a heavy emphasis is placed on student growth and closing achievement gaps. The SEL domain captures survey data where students self-report on certain behaviors and beliefs which research shows are important for success in college, career, and life. The Culture/Climate domain includes indicators which showcase a school’s values, ethos, morale, practices, and organizational structures that help foster student and adult success. Together, these three domains paint a fuller picture about what it means to be a quality school because schools are more than just standardized test scores.

    In the coming months, OTI is planning to publish on this website a “Whole Child School Profile” for seven Choice Schools: Hulcy STEAM MS, IDEA HS at Fannin, Mata Montessori ES, Cabell ES, Rogers ES, Marsh MS, and Bryan Adams HS. The goal is that all stakeholders can experience a user-friendly, one-stop, understandable platform that tells a more nuanced story about school performance. Potentially, these profiles will serve as future templates for the district to improve the experience of stakeholders and to better inform families so that they can make the best choices for their child.

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