• Teacher Travel for Conferences

    This page is intended to provide general information and guidance for submitting the appropriate paperwork for Career and Technical Education teachers to travel to conferences.  Prior to submitting your paperwork, please check with your CTE Coordinator to determine availability of funding.  As well, please be aware that priority of funding will be given to teachers who have not attended conferences above those teachers who have attended multiple conferences. 

    Please keep the following in mind when you wish for the Career and Technical Education Department to fund travel for you for conferences or Professional Development:

    • You must obtain approval from your Principal to attend the conference, PD, etc. 
    • You must complete the fillable PDF Teacher Travel Authorization which has to be approved before you travel (let us know if you need assistance completing this).  Please verify that your estimated expenses total accurately. This document must be sent to your instructional specialist 30 days prior to your trip. (Otherwise, there is no guarantee that we can get it through the approval cycle.) 
    • Please include a copy of the conference agenda and/or conference details along with your request.
    • Once your travel has been approved by the CTE Director, your CTE Coordinator will forward you a copy of the travel authorization form along with a line code to be used for your Oracle reimbursement.  Please retain a copy of your signed travel authorization form as it must be attached to your Oracle reimbursement.
    • You have 10 days upon your return from the conference to submit for reimbursement of expenses incurred for the conference.  
    • If applicable, you must have copy of the receipt showing payment of Conference Registration.  (This can be an email receipt).
    • Itemized Receipts for Per Diem reimbursement for meals (not just credit card receipt) must be attached to your Oracle reimbursement.  You will not be reimbursed for alcohol or tipsYou will not be reimbursed without the itemized receipts of meals.
    • You must have an itemized receipt from the hotel with a $0 balance.
    • If you drive in lieu of flying, the District will only reimburse you for the mileage of what the lowest airfare would have been.  (You will need to go online and get an airfare quote to include with your reimbursement).
    • Per Diem for lodging and meals can be located at http://www.gsa.gov/portal/category/100120.  The per diem for meals will be reimbursed based on allowance for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The per diem allowance is the maximum that can be reimbursed. 
    • Keep your conference badge for proof of attendance.  You will attach this to the reimbursement request in Oracle.
    • If you fly, you must have an airfare receipt. (This can be an email receipt).
    • You must submit the itinerary of your air travel 
    • You must have receipt(s) for transportation to and from hotel and airport and vice versa.
    • For transportation while at the conference, you will only be reimbursed for travel to and from the hotel and the conference site.  Please keep receipts for this. 
    • You will NOT be reimbursed for a rental car.
    • Be sure to comply with all Dallas ISD travel regulations.


    For Grant funded travel, click here to be redirected to related travel documents.

    For Non-Grant funded travel, click here to be redirected to related travel documents.