• Dear BTWHSPVA parents and students,

    Welcome to TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK at BTWHSPVA! I hope you will join me throughout this week in thanking our faculty and staff for the tremendous job they do each and every day in guiding our young people towards bright futures! Although the designated week actually occurs the week of May 1st, we have set this time aside due to the rigors of testing that begin next week. Please consider sending quick note of thanks to the teachers that impact your child. I know they would enjoy that, in addition to the recognition and treats they will receive throughout the coming days.

    I wanted to take this opportunity to update the BTW community on the recent air quality studies that have been conducted throughout our campus. We have had two known water intrusions into the historic building over the past 18 months, leading to remediation of four classrooms. Additional testing was requested during the Fall of 2016, where it was determined that Room 104 would need additional remediation (the classes in this classroom were relocated for the remainder of the year). A third-party contractor determined that there was mold present in three of our air handler units in the historic building; however, the air quality testing in two separate tests has indicated that the air in the both buildings is acceptable. The district has remediated the air handler units, and we will continue testing in both buildings. Maintaining a healthy environment is one of our top priorities, and I will keep you appraised concerning additional testing and/or areas of concern.

    Many of our students take advantage of the DART Rail system for transportation to and from school. I wanted to issue an important reminder to our students that use this system to remain vigilant throughout their walk to the DART station and while on the train. It is best for students to travel in groups of at least 2 students whenever possible. If there are any issues, both Dallas Police and DART police can be contacted to assist in the event of an emergency. Students, please remember that your safety is paramount, and it is always best to remove yourself from any uncomfortable or potentially dangerous situations rather than confronting a stranger. As a DART traveler myself, I am appreciative of this service and am committed to working with them to keep our students safe.

    I am truly excited by two upcoming events this week! Our Advisory Board will host their annual performance gala, “FlyingHorse”, this Friday in our Montgomery Arts Theatre. The following day, we will welcome our next generation of Pegasi for “I AM BOOKER T. Day!” This annual event allows us the opportunity to meet and greet our newest students and to put them on a path of successful transition to BTW.

    The 40th Anniversary Celebration of ARTS MAGNET at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts is rapidly approaching! We are preparing a stunning exhibition and performance for our community in order to properly celebrate this milestone. Please make plans now to join us on Monday, May 15, 2017 at the Winspear Opera House at 7 PM. Tickets will go on sale NEXT WEEK through the AT&T Performing Arts Center. We want to fill EVERY seat of the Winspear – we can do that if every student attended and brought at least one guest. Let’s make this a night to remember!

    I look forward to seeing you on May 15th!


    Scott M. Rudes, Ph.D