Specialized Programs

  • Reading

  • Activities of Daily Living

    The Activities of Daily Living classroom is a self-contained unit with a minimum staffing of one teacher and one paraprofessional. The students typically exhibit severe to profound cognitive delays. They may also exhibit varying degrees of physical disabilities and may require the administration of some medical procedures. The identification of students is accomplished through assessment, student support team processes and case reviews. 


    The Dallas Independent School District Autism/Total Communication Program serves students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and their families. A little more than half of the students in Dallas ISD with ASD are receiving at least part of their instruction in an autism classroom. Students in these classrooms typically have classic autism or some other communication-related disorder. They are often functionally non-verbal, unable to express wants and needs in a socially acceptable manner, and unable to indicate choices. Often these students have little or no social initiative and do not seek out social interactions. Students where autism impedes their learning to a moderate or severe degree need a visually-structured classroom and a teacher-driven routine.

    Functional Living Skills

    The traditional Functional Living Skills Program is designed to serve students with disabilities ages 6 thru 21 who exhibit moderate to severe cognitive delays. FIE information indicates that the delays occur in the areas of math and reading. Students may demonstrate delays in social skill development as well. Students in this instructional setting may also exhibit physical disabilities, behavior conflicts, immature or non-existing language skills, utilize alternate communication systems and may require administration of medical procedures and personal care services. Futher assessment data (formal and informal) would indicate that students in this instuctional setting demonstrate reading and math skills at a Pre-K thru 3 grade level.