College and Career Readiness Seminar

  • Learn how Trinidad Garza ECHS prepares their students to be career, college, and life ready.

Vertical Team Planning at Garza ECHS

Trinidad Garza ECHS counselors share why communicating with other school counselors is important and beneficial to the success of the Garza students.

Garza ECHS College Application Experience

Learn about the resources that our seniors use in order to apply for universities and scholarships.

Bridging the Gap: 1st Generation College Students

Take a look at the type of student we accept in Trinidad Garza ECHS, and figure out how Garza is helping bridge the gap in our neighborhood.

Institute of Higher Education Communication

Learn how the Mountain View College advisor work together with the high school staff to prepare our students to graduate with their associate degree.

TSI Preparation

Learn how Trinidad Garza prepares their students to pass the Texas Success Initiative exam as high school students.

A Day in the Life

Take a look into the eyes of how one of our Trini Garza students prepare for their day at Trini Garza ECHS.
  • Going Above and Beyond 

    Teachers at "Trini" Garza ECHS go above and beyond to help their students. Here is an example to two great teachers who always put their students first.

"Trini" Garza Student Experience

Listen to one of our seniors share her experience as a student in Trinidad Garza ECHS.

Trini Garza Science Department

Meet some of our amazing Science Department staff and learn what it is that they do for our students here at Trini Garza ECHS.

Trini Garza English Department

Meet some of our wonderful English/ Language Arts department. Learn about how they prepare students for college level literature classes.

Math Department

Learn some of the techniques that our Geometry teacher uses to teach our Garza ECHS students.

Social Studies Department at "Trini" Garza ECHS

Learn techniques and skills used by our Pre-AP World History teacher and how she teaches her students important skills for their college careers.

Advice for Incoming Ninth Graders

Listen to advice from one of our high school seniors on how to be successful your freshman year at Trini Garza.

Trinidad Garza School Culture

Learn about the type of culture Trinidad Garza ECHS creates and maintains throughout the school year. We not only seek to graduate students with their associates degree. We strive for all them to use that degree as a stepping stone to achieving their Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral degrees.