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         Our mission is to provide you with the most comprehensive, complete planning and travel services so that you can have the adventure of a lifetime that is exciting, comfortable, and worry-free.  We look forward to showing you the world through our exciting educational program.

    21st Century Innovations 
         The Academy of Hospitality & Tourism helps students chart career paths in one of the world's largest industries, from Principles of Hospitality & Tourism to Hotel Management, from Hospitality Services to Sports Entertainment Marketing, our program covers a diverse range of topics relevant to the field.  Study of geography, economics, and world cultures help to round out the curriculum.
         These courses not only provide a guided start to an exciting world of the hospitality industry.  We provide a structure that enables students to have fun, be inspired, and be ambitious in exploring new innovative careers never explored before.  Once entered into our program, out students cannot wait to spread the word!

    Your Life Tour Planning Experts & Course Sequence
    Ms. Jones - Travel & Tourism
    Ms. Green - Entrepreneurship, Hotel Management, & Hospitality Services
    Ms. Appiah- Principles of Business & Principles of Hospitality

     AOHT Cohort