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Academy of Information Technology Course Offerings


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    PRINCIPLES OF IT - (Freshman - 1 year course)

    Mr. Burns 

    Ms. Jones

    This is the first course students take in the Academy of Information Technology. It provides an overview of information technology and introduces students to the basics of hardware and software. Students examine hardware components including peripherals, connectors, and memory. Students explore common operating systems, software applications, and programming languages. Students learn about types of networks and network topology, and they set up an email client/server connection. Students also consider contemporary issues such as security, privacy, and technological inequality. Finally, students explore career opportunities in IT.



    Web DESIGN (Sophomore/Junior  - 1 year course)

    Mr. Miller

    Graphic Design provides a hands-on introduction to the technical and creative skills of a professional graphic designer. First, students learn the distinguishing features of communicating visually through graphic design. Next, they gain technical skills in Adobe Photoshop to equip them for graphic design work. From there, students master the basic principles of graphic design, and then delve into the elements of graphic design, such as color, typography, and images.




    Digital Interactive Media (Junior/Sophomore  - 1 year course)

    Ms. Wilson

    Web Design is a hands-on introduction to designing, building, and launching websites. Students learn the basics of HTML coding, explore various web development tools, and get practice creating websites using Adobe Dreamweaver. They learn how to make their websites more effective by applying the principles of design as well as usability and accessibility criteria. Finally, students take a look at various career opportunities in web design.


    PROFESSIONAL ETHICS (Senior - 1 year course)

    Mr. Masimini

    This course provides a solid understanding of why ethics is important in every profession. After an introduction to several philosophies that inform ethics today, students explore the characteristics of an ethical professional. Students consider the range of dilemmas faced by managers and employees in the workplace. They learn about the qualities of effective leaders and the tools modern professionals use to instill an ethical workplace culture. Throughout the course, students have opportunities to refine their personal sense of ethics as they begin to build an ethical foundation for their professional future.



    PRACTICUM COURSE (Senior - 1 year course)

    Mr. Masimini

    The Delivering Great Customer Service course introduces students to the concept of service as a critical component of communicating in business. The course combines learning current theory and practice with observations of customer service in action, role-play, and critical analysis of models to provide a comprehensive perspective on this subject. By the end of the course, students come to realize that the principles of great customer service have wide-ranging implications for all professional endeavors.


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