• All NAF, National Academy Foundation, Academies have an open enrollment policy.

    Name of Academy: Academy of Hospitality and Tourism

    Assessment/Admission Requirements: A passion for being with people and delivering great customer service in making them feel welcome. We welcome comprehensive students from DallasISD.

    Academy Landing Page: TBA we are going to put together a twitter page, and probably a facebook page.

    Academy Coursework Descriptions: Principles of Hospitality – the foundation of the 4 sectors of hospitality-food and beverage, lodging, entertainment, and transportation. Hotel Management, Event Planning, and Delivering Great Customer Service.

    Academy Awards/Affiliations/Community Service outreach projects: Distinguished Academy as of 2018, we offer DECA which is a marketing and leadership extra curricular club.

    Dual Credit Course Offerings: none at this time      

    Internship Partners: Hilton Anatole, Capital One, Verizon, ATT, Top Golf, Team Grind


    Academy of Hospitality and Tourism



    Skyline High School was the first school in the nation to offer the "magnet curriculum". From our beginnings 50 years ago we have expanded to offer the NAF program in all five themes, early college, as well as being a neighborhood school. A reason to attend Skyline High School's NAF program is all the extra-curricular opportunities that we have to offer. We have over 80 clubs and a band that has won many awards. We have many athletic programs. There is a place for everyone at Skyline H.S.

    Skyline's Distinguished Academy of Hospitality and Tourism is very proud of our designation from NAF. We currently have over 200 students in our program, and you could pursue a career in any of the four areas of hospitality. These could be in entertainment, food and beverage, lodging, or the transportation industry. Our students have heard from guest speakers both in person and virtually in these industries and are able to ask questions about what their daily duties might be as well as what they like best about their jobs

    We have been able to do work based learning experiences at the Hilton Anatole Hotel, Top Golf, GaylordHotel, and Microsoft Store at Northpark Center. We have an active Advisory Board that will help our students with mock interviews and resume writing to prepare them for a paid internship with one of our Corp. sponsor like KPMG, Capital One, Hilton Anatole, or Verizon. Some of our students will turn a part time job into an intership with the assistance of their teacher and the relationship that we build with local companies to give our students more responsability on the job.

    Our program is a 4 year program with the final goal to be NAF Track Certified when our students graduate from Skyline H.S. The way they obtain this certification is by passing 4 Academy of Hospitality and Tourism courses listed, completing the 80 hours in their paid intership, and graduating from high school. The benefit of being NAF Track Certified could be they will be college, career, or military ready with skills that could have them enter a job at a higher pay scale or provide credits at certain colleges that have partnered with NAF. 

     NAF Academy of Hospitality and Tourism

    Hear from some of our past and current students:

    "I went into NAF AOHT purely by change, but I am so glad I stayed. Everything I have learned I can carry through any career I choose to go into. We learn through activities and projects rather than just tests and quizzes, which allow us to really absorb the information. I am looking forward to using my NAF Certification after graduation in the professional world." 

    Maryjose Garcia class of 2021

     "Skyline AOHT program was very helpful to me because it helped me gain skills that employers seek when hiring other. It also helped me see the many opportunities that were offered through the program to us students."

    Jennifer Garcia class of 2018

    NAF Academy Hospitality and Tourism










    This course introduces students to the concept of service as a critical component of a hospitality or tourism business. It combines current theory and practice with observations of customer service in action, role-play, and critical analysis of models. Topics include trends, the psychology of interactions between customers and providers, the phases of customer service, common mistakes, internal customer service, management, and customer feedback. Students begin to appreciate how the quality of customer service has wide-ranging implications for all professional endeavors.


    EVENT PLANNING (Junior Year)

    This course introduces students to the skills and knowledge required in the event planning profession. Topics include aligning events with client goals, budgeting and bidding, sustainable practices, venue selection and management, personnel considerations, marketing, and sports sponsorship. Students learn about sports and entertainment events as well as special and professional events. Students consider the role of events in the larger context of communities and society. They realize how important events are to the health or revitalization of regions around the world and how they are an integral component of tourism.

    Academy of Hospitality and Tourism  


    Hospitality Management will have students become familiar with each phase of marketing and learn how to build a brand and market using social media.



    This course provides an overview of the current hospitality and tourism industry and serves as the foundation for the core courses offered by NAF’s Academy of Hospitality & Tourism. Students take a brief look at the history of the industry to understand the degree to which it has changed in the past century. They learn about traveler motivation and consumer needs and how these factors affect current offerings in the lodging, transportation, food and beverage, and entertainment sectors. Students consider the economic and environmental impacts of the industry on the world today. They receive exposure to the wide array of domestic and international travel. Finally, students learn the basics of selling and marketing in tourism.

     Academy of Hospitality and Tourism

     NAF Academy of Hospitality and Tourism

     For more information about our program, please send an email to PWylie@dallasisd.org