** New FAQ, including summer PD, registration, the Cornerstone PD system and more!**



    Professional Development Frequently Asked Questions

    Professional and Digital Learning Department, and the name of the tiered PD plan that outlines personalized training for teachers based on their individual needs.

    Teachers report to work to bio clock on August 8, 2019.

    The recommendation is for teachers to complete 14 of the 21 hours of their summer professional development prior to August 8th.


    A minimum of 21 credits outside the work calendar are required for this school year.  Seven of those credits must be within the appropriate content area, another seven from the combined course for Performance Matters and Powerschool Learning, and seven of future of learning/choice. 


    21 hours: 7 Content, 14 of future of learning and/or choice

    No... all teachers report to campus their first contract day:

    Returning Teachers: Returning teachers will report to their campus on August 8th.  It is highly recommended to have completed at least 14 hours by August 8th.

    New teachers: New Teacher Academy takes place during August.  Monday and Tuesday, the 5th and 6th, will count for up to 14 hours of the PDL requirement.   The remaining 7 hours will need to be completed after school, on weekends, or online during non-contract time.

    For the 2019-2020 School Year, this date will be announced.

    Only 7 required credits are required.

    All PD outside the work calendar can be approved [by your administrator] as long as the training is aligned to these three parameters:

    1. Approved by YOUR campus evaluator.

    2. Directly impacts student achievement.

    3. Aligned to campus and district goals.



    Catalog Updates / Registration

    The PDL Spring catalog will be available now!  Look for the links on our home page.

    Please ask your Library Media Specialist on campus as they are your training contact for Cornerstone.   You can also view helpful videos and guides at this help site:

    Registration for all PDL Spring sessions are open now for all Dallas ISD teachers.  Communication from the Professional Development department will be sent to all campus leadership and staff.

    Registration will be done via Cornerstone. View the catalog of courses on the Dallas ISD PD website.   To go directly to the Cornerstone application go to this link: Cornerstone Site

    All sessions can be dropped (withdrawn).  How do you withdraw?  From your transcript in Cornerstone.  Check out this HELP SITE, number 4, for more information. 



    All sessions, once registered, will show in your transcript.  The transcript in Cornerstone is under the 'Learning' tab at the top.  To withdraw, go to the session on your transcript and to the right is a black drop down box, choose 'withdraw'.  To see the visual for this, check out this HELP SITE.


    Attendance and Completion

    Upon successful completion of the course, your completion certificate will be available in Cornerstone. Login in and hover over the 'Learning' tab → go down two tabs and click 'View My Transcript'. This page will provide a listing of all your classes (complete and incomplete) as well as the certificates for those that were completed. You may need to toggle some of the drop down menus as some point, such as 'active' vs 'completed' traning, etc.

    Print a copy of your certificate and/or transcript for your records.  Go to the top of the transcript page and look for the box with three dots.  Here you can click to get a print copy of your transcript.

    TEI evaluators approve all outside professional development.  You will then need to upload your training into Cornerstone.  You can do this on the same transcript page as above.  Login in and hover over the 'Learning' tab → go down two tabs and click 'View My Transcript'.  Then click the box in the top right with three dots and select 'Add External Training' and follow the prompts.

    PD transcripts are viewable anytime by the teacher and their campus leadership in Cornerstone. It is the responsibility of each teacher to maintain their PD transcript to ensure all training is documented.

    All campus staff required to receive credit for professional development can attend sessions. 

    Some courses are offered in workshop and online formats and have comparable content.

    If the course you need is not available please reach out to the Professional Development department for guidance.  We can be reached at

    We do not have the waitlist feature turned on in Dallas ISD.  The teacher must register for all appropriate sessions prior to leaving for the summer.


    Participants are asked to withdraw from training sessions in Cornerstone that they are unable to attend by returning to your transcript page and selecting Withdraw from the drop down menu of your course. This will ensure we have an accurate count of participants and adequate training materials.

    Participants must register for all training sessions. NO walk-ins will be permitted on a PDL development day.

    Registration closes, in most cases, one day prior to the start of the session.

    Training sessions will begin promptly at the times listed. Participants who arrive more than 10 minutes late (including from lunch) may be denied entrance and will be required to register for another session.



    The 2019-2020 PDL Summer Sessions will be held at Yvonne E. Ewell Townview Magnet Center, D.A. Hulcy STEAM Academy, Wilmer Hutchins Elementary and Robert T. Hill Middle School, and one academy will be at the University of North Texas at Dallas.  All facilities will be offering sessions during assigned weeks of June and July.  Please pay attention to the direct listing for your session, as locations can vary.

    As a courtesy to all participants in attendance, we ask that you do not bring your child(ren) to face to face sessions. However, our catalog will offer many online training options which may meet your training needs.

    It is not necessary to clock-in for the training session because you will sign-in when you arrive for your session. However, if it is a requirement from your principal, then there will be bio-clocks available.

    Yes, the teacher’s lounge will be available for use. However, there may also be food trucks and a booster club on site for food purchases.

    Yes, each content area and department will have a facilitator to assist with any questions you may have.


    Yes, technical assistance will be on site to assist with WIFI or device issues.