• Counselor consults with staff and other professionals to:

    · Help identify and assist students with academic difficulties

    · Higher Education and College Readiness

    · Guidance Lessons

    · Life Skills

    · Make referrals to community agencies when necessary 

     Counselor Class Guidance Lessons:


    Higher Education

     Drug/Suicide Prevention


     Magnet School Options


     Choosing Courses

    Teen Dating Violence

    Test Anxiety


    Counselor meets with parents/ guardians to:

    · Provide information regarding available community resources

    · Review student academic Performance

     ·Review data and assist with individual academic planning.


    Counselor meets with parents

    Provide information regarding available community resources

    Review student academic performance

    Review data and assist with individual academic planning.


     Common Concerns Dealt with in a School Counselor’s Office

     “I’m having trouble with my grades”

     “I just need to talk to someone.”

     “My homework isn’t done because of something that happened at home.”

     “Something happened to me and I need to tell someone"
     “One of my parents left last night and I don’t feel very good.”
     “I don’t have any friends”

     Counselors may meet with students about..

    Behavior Issues

    Problems with grades



    Academic Planning

    Being new to our school