Interference with Investigation  
    Family Code 261.303 A person may not interfere with an investigation of a report of child abuse or neglect conducted by The Department of Family and Protective Services.   
    Furthermore, employees are warned not to engage in investigative work related to their suspicions.  
    Any attempt by a district employee to investigate a child abuse allegation could seriously compromise the investigation conducted by the proper authorities including, but not limited to, criminal investigations. When responding to an outcry, let the child use his or her own words to tell you what happened, but leave the detailed questioning to the professionals.  This is critical to ensuring the integrity of any investigation and minimizing additional trauma to the child. 
    Interview of the Student -
    The investigating agency shall be permitted to interview the child at any reasonable time and place, including at the child's school. 
    Please visit DFPS Investigations for more information related to child abuse investigations