Areas of Study

  • Kimball ETECH at Dallas College Mountain VIew Campus

    Justin F. Kimball E-TECH will enable students to explore an interest in the field of electronics technology. The college pathway that students will work towards is Associate of Arts Degree with a certification in advanced mechatronics technology.

    A curriculum focused on electronics technology, mechatronics and math concepts will challenge students to develop an understanding of safety and design constructs. Electronics technology and mechatronic area of studies will lay a foundation to explore more complex system of design in the workforce. Students will have the opportunity to develop skills and experience to explore and engage with industry practices. Furthermore, students will acquire the communication skills while working collaboratively with student teams to problem solve for 21st century workforce in the field of electronics technology and advanced mechatronics technology.

    The pathway lends itself to an emphasis in a career with the following fields:

    • Electronics Technology
    • Advanced Mechatronics Technology