• Constance Adamu, M. Sc.

    Constance Adamu, M. Sc Technology
    Constance Adamu, M. Sc.
    Email: cadamu@dallasisd.org
    Phone: (214)932-5730
    Courses: Biology, Pre-AP Biology, and AP Biology
    Tutoring Hours:   Biology/Pre-AP Biology - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday- 4:30-5:30 
                                   AP Biology- Wednesday- 4:30-6:00
    • B.S. Zoology - University of Reading, England, UK.
    • M.Sc. Technology of Crop Protection - University of Reading, England, UK

    Being at Carter high school for these twenty and plus years has given me great eye opening and humbling life experiences. The first thing I have learned over the years is that the teaching environment is not a one-way commanding institution but rather a nurturing and dialoguing environment where teachers, students and parents learn from, respect and support each other. Secondly, I have learned that a child’s success requires the same things from both teacher and student; trust, dependability, commitment and consistency. I no longer consider myself as only a teacher to my students, but I consider myself as their mother, grand-mother, aunt, counsellor, friend and everything I need to be, to earn their trust so they can succeed. This is the basis of my success at Carter High School for the many years. Carter High is my home, my family, my community.



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