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    MSG  (RET) Brian Henley
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    Courses: JROTC II
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    The Principles of Leadership:
    To know yourself, you must understand who you are. Where do your interests lie? Do you have a special talent? What are your weaknesses? Do you have a a least favorite subject? What are some of your faults? Answering these questions is part of self-evaluation, Through the process of self-evaluation, leaders determine their capabilities and limitations.
    By knowing themselves, leaders can take advantage of their strengths and work to overcome their weaknesses. Seeking self-improvement means continually strengthening your attributes. This desire to improve increases your competence and adds to the confidence your followers have in your ability to train and lead them.
    Techniques for applying the principle:
    Analyze yourself objectively your weak and strong qualities. Strive to overcome the weak ones and further strenghten those in which you are strong. Ask for honest opinions from your team members in instructors as to how you can improve your leadership ability.
    Profit by studying the cases for the success or failure of other leaders. Develop a genuine interest in people; acquire the "human touch."
    Master the art of effective writing and speaking. Develop a philosophy of life and work. Have a definite goal and plan to attain it

     "To motivate young people to be better citizens"
    David W. Carter High School