• All About Harllee

    At N.W. Harllee Early Childhood Center, our mission is to provide a research-based, high quality, developmentally appropriate environment that turns on the minds of our students leaving them with a thirst for learning.  Our students receive a quality education that will equip them with the skills to become functional, literate citizens in their community. We empower students to learn by providing a rigorous curriculum, promoting collaboration, and allowing students to be stakeholders in their own education. We have a partnership with Momentous Institute to further train our staff on how to best support our students' social emotional learning. Social Emotional instruction through Settle Your Glitter and Conscious Discipline is taught to students and embedded in their encounters throughout the day.  
    The school staff connects with parents and the community to ensure student success. We conduct home visits throughout the school year as a part of our family home connection.  Parents are valued partners and are encouraged to participate in school activities. We host monthly Pastries with the Principal events and highlight different topics. Other parental involvement opportunities include assisting in classrooms, participating in PTA, and serving on the SBDM and Campus Improvement Planning committee.

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