Drop-In Centers

    The Homeless Education Program has established and operates Drop-In Centers in various high and middle schools within the Dallas Independent School District. These centers play a crucial role in supporting the district's initiative to increase high school graduation rates among homeless students.

    The concept of the Drop-In Centers is centered around creating a welcoming and supportive environment for homeless youth. These centers offer essential resources such as shelf-stable food, backpacks, school supplies, uniforms, and hygiene items, aiming to meet the immediate needs of homeless students.

    By providing this support, the Drop-In Centers contribute to the goal of helping homeless youth maintain regular attendance throughout the school year. Additionally, as a motivational component, the centers organize presentations from various agencies addressing college choices, admissions, emerging industries, and career opportunities for graduating high school students. Interactive activities are also conducted weekly, focusing on the unique needs of adolescents and promoting academic success.

    Moreover, the Drop-In Centers extend their services beyond students, offering referrals to health clinics, mental health services, food pantries, transitional housing, substance abuse, and other relevant services for homeless families, children, and youth. This comprehensive approach aims to address the holistic well-being of those experiencing homelessness within our community.

  • Spence MS

  • Bryan Adams HS

  • Douglass Todd Sr. MS

  • Comstock MS

  • Emmett Conrad HS

  • Roosevelt HS

  • Lang Sr. MS

  • Hillcrest HS

  • J.F. Kimball HS

  • L.V. Stockard MS

  • Lincoln HS

  • Molina HS

  • North Dallas HS

  • Samuell HS

  • Seagoville HS