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Core 4 Customer Service - Focused, Fast, Friendly, Flexible

Core 4 Resources

  • Tips to start the Core 4 conversation

    • Wear “Ask me about the Core 4” badges and share the 4 principles with each person who asks you about the Core 4. Give them a Core 4 card for their wallet or other token.
    • Plan a casual brown bag lunch to share the Core 4 and gather input from staff.
    • Schedule the Core 4 as an item to discuss during staff meetings. Brainstorm fun ways to implement the Core 4 in your department.
    • Take photos of activities or staff gathered for meetings focusing on the Core 4. Send them to Communications (Core4@dallasisd.org) to share on the Staff Page of the district website.
    • Ask staff to nominate colleagues when they demonstrate one of the Core 4 tenets and distribute tickets. Write a brief blurb about the staff member, take a photo and send to Communications (Core4@dallasisd.org)
    • Decorate a bulletin or kudos board or create a Core 4 corner in your department’s shared space to post the Core 4 photos of staff who exemplify the Core 4 principles.
    • Drops in the Bucket (peer-to-peer recognition) by writing notes to other staff members or presenting them with a Core 4 ticket (see resources) each time they exemplify excellent customer service in one of the four areas—focused, fast, flexible and friendly.
    • Implement Core 4 Friday into your work week. Use this day to highlight one or all tenets of the Core 4. Work with divisional leadership to allow staff who have received Core 4 tickets for outstanding customer service to wear jeans and Core 4 badges.
    • Submit the names of your staff members who earn all four Core 4 tickets for being focused, fast, friendly and flexible. Submit here.
    • Have staff members vote on which employee is the Core 4 Friday staff member of the week. Submit their information to Communications.

    Five Step Model for Exceptional Customer Service

    Five step model for Exceptional Customer Service

    Five Step Model for Exceptional Customer Service

    1. You Set the Tone
    2. Smile
    3. Tell the customers what you can do for them.
    4. Don't take it personal
    5. Leave them with something positive.

    Core 4 Downloads

Core 4 - Focused, Fast, Flexible, and Friendly