• Community Partnerships

    We love working with our community partners at Nathaniel Hawthorne Elementary in order to provide enriching educational experiences for our students.  We believe these partnerships are essential in helping students make meaningful connections between their learning and their lives out of school. 
    Soft Choice Cares
    We are thrilled to partner with Soft Choice Cares as the recipient of their Power Up! Grant for technology.  Nathaniel Hawthorne Elementary was one of only 5 grant recipients across the nation to receive $10,000 for our school.  Our students are now learning from 70 new chromebooks thanks to the generosity of the Soft Choice Cares program.
    Students working with Chromebooks  
    Elrod's Cost Plus
    Nathaniel Hawthorne was proud to welcome Elrod's Cost Plus to thank them for donating over $10,000 to Samuell feeder pattern elementary schools.  This money will help pay for transportation to field experiences for students!   
    Elrod's Cost Plus  
     Dallas County Environmental Education Initiative 
    Representatives from EEI came to Nathaniel Hawthorne Elementary to train our teachers on how to incorporate water conservation and recycling lessons into our K-5 science curriculum.  EEI provides professional developing, co-teaching lessons with teachers, $75 of classroom supplies for each classroom, and a full curriculum with resources for teachers!