• At Dallas Environmental Science Academy (DESA), students participate in a wide variety of activities that heighten their observation skills and build their critical thinking capacities. DESA students are expected to participate in Science Fair every year.

    The central focus in our instructional program is science, and DESA offers a truly unique, Environmental Studies to be taken in conjunction with the district’s science course. Our Environmental Studies course is designed around a variety of topics, issues, changes, and phenomena related to environmental studies that involve a rigorous curriculum for students. Participation in laboratory/field investigations, field trips, and events that emphasize and clarify the science Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS) for the respective grade challenges students to become active shapers of their environment.


    High School Credit Opportunities:

    • Algebra I
    • Astronomy or Physics
    • Environmental Systems
    • Gateway to Technology (GTT) or Principals of Information Technology
    • Creative Writing
    • Spanish I, II, III Pre-AP



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