Audrey Pinkerton, School Board Member

    Dr. Salem Hussain, Molina Feeder Pattern Executive Director

    Jacob Nunez, Molina High School Principal

    Yenny Ibarra, Molina B-TECH Assistant Principal

    Ana Becerra Gutierrez, Workplace Learning Coordinator

    Paula Cortes, Molina B-TECH Counselor

    Shaun McLean, BKD - Industry Partner

    Scott Humphrey, BKD - Industry Partner

    Karen Ezell, NFTE - Industry Partner

    Dr. Felix A. Zamora, Mountain View College - President

    Amanda Frizzell, Cedar Valley College – College Partner

    Jeff Mulkey, Local Businessman

    Ty Thompson, Local Businessman

    Luis Salazar, Community Member

    Parent Representative

    Student Representative






    Participation on the Molina B-TECH Advisory Board provides a significant opportunity for employers to invest in and shape talented young people into the professionals the Dallas-Fort Worth workplace needs. Advisory Board members open doors and leverage their contacts to help support the education and career dreams of a group of promising young students. Board members come from both the public and private sectors. They play a key role in ensuring that Molina B-TECH students have access to and are trained in current trends and skills in the industry. As such, an Advisory Board member will have a direct say in how one or more cohorts of students will be developed.



    The Molina B-TECH Advisory Board offers advice, support, guidance and a variety of resources to the school. It is primarily focused on Workplace Learning, a key curricular strand of the school designed to prepare students for careers in the Dallas-Fort Worth workplace. The Board does not act as an ancillary entity but rather is invited into the life of the school. Board members interact with teachers, staff and students, and participate in school events. Most importantly, they further the school’s mission by providing students with creative opportunities to explore careers in various fields and to learn how their classroom experiences connect with the real world.



    The Molina B-TECH Advisory Board promotes collaboration between businesses, nonprofits, and Molina B-TECH and its core partners, in guiding and/or providing the following essential functions:

    • Speakers who can provide advice and insights on key industry and workplace topics.
    • Worksite visits that provide students, teachers and staff with a real sense of what a career in the Dallas-Fort Worth workplace means and provides.
    • Professional mentors who can provide career, academic and/or social guidance and support for students.
    • Internships for eligible collegiate academy students and encourages other Dallas-Fort Worth businesses to provide internships for all other eligible students, with a goal of 100% of eligible students placed in internship positions by summer 2020.
    • Project-based learning projects and support as well as participation in student conferences and classroom work.
    • ­­­Professional expertise to support the unique Molina B-TECH curriculum with periodic reviews and updates that ensure that the curriculum will provide students with the skills that they require for in-demand jobs in the business sector.
    • Professional development and technical assistance to give teachers adequate growth opportunities.
    • Advocacy that supports and grows the Molina B-TECH model in educational, political, civic and business communities.
    • Encouragement that employees support Molina B-TECH’s efforts company-wide and facilitates the relationship between the school and its partner-employers.
    • Assistance to build a sustainable “ecosystem” for Molina B-TECH schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth workplace.



    The Advisory Board meets quarterly to discuss and plan various aspects of the Workplace Learning component at Molina B-TECH. Additional meetings will be held by sub-committees, such as the Steering Committee, in order to give counsel and address specific functional responsibilities, including internships, curriculum, and other matters related to work-based learning at the school.