•  Menus are subject to change as supply shortages continue across the country. This has caused some menu items to be unavailabl

    Visit Meal Viewer for our Menus! 

    What is MealViewer?

    MealViewer is a platform that allows parents the

    opportunity to view daily menus, nutrition information

    and allergens so that they are aware of what their

    students are eating.

    How do I register?

    1. Go to Meal Viewer or download the mobile app and register for your free account.
    2. Create profiles for you and your students and add their schools to view daily menus.
    3. Add allergens to your student's profiles to receive custom alerts. Favorite and rate different meal items so students can know when their favorite meal is being served.

    If you have any questions, please visit Meal Viewer and click Contact or call Meal Viewer Customer Support at 866-351-2248.

    What is Included in a Dallas ISD Reimbursable Meal?

    Choose 3-4 options for a full breakfast meal:

    • Two entrées- one grain and one meat
    • Two selections of Fruit or One Fruit and One Juice
    • Milk

    Choose 3-5 options for a full lunch meal

    • An entrée
    • Two selections of vegetables or one fruit, one vegetable
    • A grain
    • Milk