Three (3) and four (4) year old students are eligible to ride the bus: 1) If they attend their zoned school and live more than 2 miles away and 2) meet any exception that currently exists in policy. 

    Three (3) year old students attending half-day programs will only receive one-way transportation:

    1. If attending the morning program, transportation will be provided to school from a designated stop; and
    2. If attending the afternoon program (beginning mid-day), transportation will be provided from school to designated stop. (See 2017-2018 Bus Route link)

    Eligible students may request transportation through their assigned campus. All Pre-K students must be escorted to and from their designated bus stop by the parent/guard or other designee who is at least 18 years of age.  If parent/guardian or designee is not present upon drop-off, the student will be returned to their assigned campus for parent/guardian pick-up. Upon the first incident, a phone call will be made by the campus administrator reminding them of their obligation. Subsequent incidents may result in the loss of transportation privileges.   

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