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    Beginning Mime and Movement


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    Course Description

    Beginning Mime and Movement is a required course for all new students. This course teaches the elements and techniques of Mime and the Laban Eight Efforts. It is designed to help the students learn to communicate with their bodies and to develop agility and promote dexterity. Further, it aids students in the connection of the performer’s subtext and emotion to movement. Students will also learn the vocabulary associate with mime and movement.


    Course Requirements

    Movement appropriate clothing: leotard and tights (or leggings), sweat pants and T-Shirt, modest shorts and T-Shirt, or Gi Pants are acceptable.Movement appropriate shoes: Jazz shoes, ballet shoes, thin soled tennis shoes, socks with rubber grip bottoms, or barefoot.It is necessary for all students to turn work in on time and to correct notes given on initial performances.Appropriate audience decorum is a major component in the theatre classes.



    Classwork/homework                                                                             40%

    Tests                                                                                                    25%

    Projects/Products                                                                                  20%

    6 weeks test                                                                                         15%


    Course Schedule/Syllabus

    This is a semester class. The first 9 weeks we will study illusionary mime and the second nine weeks we will study Rudolph LaBan’s Eight Efforts (movement).


    Mime Terminology

    Illusionary Techniques

    Storyline Mime, Absurd Mime, Character Mime, 4 Age mime, Universal mime, Non-human mime, Final exam


    Movement terminology

    Movement study performances (2 of each)/choreography of the following LaBan Efforts:

    Punch 2) Dab 3) Float 4) Flick 5) Wring 6) Slash 7) Press 8) Glide