• General Information

    Otto M. Fridia Elementary School is a school that prides itself on producing outstanding students who excel in life. We strive to provide an environment in which students gain the skills necessary to become successful academically and socially. We empower students to learn by providing a rigorous curriculum, promoting collaboration, and allowing students to be accountable for their own learning.
    Over the past five years, Fridia Elementary has implemented many innovative programs and research-based instructional practices, placing student academic performance on an upward trend. From the onset of the new school year, we will continue to provide ample opportunities for students to succeed.
    The school staff connects with parents and the community to ensure student success. Parents are valued partners and are encouraged to participate in school activities. Our school hosts quarterly parent workshops on topics that meet the needs of our students. Other parent involvement opportunities include assisting in classrooms, participating in PTA, and serving on the Site-Based Decision Making and Campus Improvement Planning committees.