• Library Access

    Regular library hours are 8:00 AM- 4:40 PM M-T, Th-Fr. At times our opening/closing hours may change for meetings, appointments, and being short staffed.


    Face-to-face: With teacher permission, students may use the library any time of day. We recommend that English teachers bring their students to the library at least once every month to check out books. Teachers are welcome to bring the entire class or send students four at a time to checkout. 

    Students are welcome in the library any time of the school day to checkout, use library computers, complete assignments or tests, or just hang out! Please obtain a school pass from the teacher whose room you are presently assigned (for the standing class period). Passes are required at all times from 9:00 am to 4:25 pm.

    All students are welcome to come to the library during lunch, with a pass. We provide semester library passes, just ask us about it! 



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  • Our Mission Statement

    The Campus Librarian's mission is to ensure that all individuals are effective users of diverse ideas and information sources and to ensure that all individuals become lifelong learners in a rapidly changing technology-based and knowledge-rich world.