• Reading Tips for Parent


    1. Show your child that reading is fun. Laugh out loud; make comments, share what you read that is interesting and enjoyable.


    1. Encourage your child to create a comfortable setting for reading. A favorite snack, comfortable clothes, a quiet corner can enhance reading pleasure.


    1. Read and enjoy the same books, magazines, newspapers, and blogs. Talk about how these readings remind you of something in your life.  Ask about connections your child makes to what is being read.


    1. Read parts or all of the novels and textbooks your child brings from school. Ask your child to tell you about the best or worst parts.


    1. Give a gift subscription to a magazine that holds lots of interest, one that your child wants to read cover to cover.


    1. Allow your child to put a reading down if it is too difficult. Reading for pleasure should be at an independent level.


    1. When reading difficult books, read the text aloud or read together. Reread, if needed, to make what is read understandable.  Talk about what is hard to understand. Encourage asking for help.


    1. Audio books can open a world of classic literature your child is mature enough to understand and enjoy but may find too challenging to read independently. Listen end enjoy together.


    1. Expand your child’s reading world. Ask your librarian for the titles of the newest adolescent literature.


    1. Catch each other reading! Reading is everywhere; and the more we practice, the better readers we all become.


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