"How are the Academy of Engineering and Collegiate Academy different?"
    Many students and parents are confused by these similar names.  To address the questions we have been receiving about the difference between the Collegiate Academy for Engineering and our Academy of Engineering, we would like to point out that we are a separate entity.
    None of the Collegiate Academy Courses will be affiliated with our Academy of Engineering.
    Our Academy of Engineering is a Project Lead the Way Curriculum with a diverse choice of engineering focuses. We offer Digital Electronics, Civil Engineering and Architecture (starting 2017), and Computer Integrated Manufacturing (starting 2017) courses (which can be taken concurrently after meeting pre-requisites).
    Our Hillcrest Academy of Engineering students will remain on the Hillcrest campus for all four years.  Our students will work collaboratively on group projects and also be able to participate in all extracurricular activities including Band, athletics, robotics, Mock Trial and IB.  
    "What classes will an Academy of Engineering student take?"
    Below is a description of the courses for all six of the PLTW engineering courses that we offer. 
    Introduction to Engineering Design (REQUIRED COURSE) will introduce students to different career fields in Engineering. The Design Process is implemented throughout the course with many group projects and instant challenges. Student will be drawing and designing using Autodesk Inventor software to create 3D objects using our 3D printer.
    Principles of Engineering (REQUIRED COURSE) will expose students to Mechanical Engineering principles, structure and material properties, and vex robotics programming.
    Digital Electronics has Electrical Engineering principles such as soldering circuits, boolean algebra, combinational and sequential logic.
    Civil Engineering and Architecture   shows students the structural physics behind our infrastructure and the elements of design for architectural buildings. Students will use Autodesk Revit Architecture software to create and test their own designs. 
    Computer Integrated Manufacturing will expose students to the robotic programming and automated manufacturing processes behind products. How products are made efficiently, safely, and in mass quantities will be addressed as well as programming. 
    Engineering Design and Development is a senior capstone class that will be invite-only by the AOE counsel. Students are selected by a jury of teachers who feel the student has shown self-motivation, perseverance, team work, and a true desire to become an engineer. Industry leaders such as HP Enterprises, Texas Instruments, and Verizon will come out to observe presentations and review products designed by the students. 
    If you would like more information, please contact Mrs. Combs.

    The Collegiate Academy is a dual-credit partnership with Richland Community College with classes geared toward an Electrical Engineering Associates of Science or an Electrical Engineering Technology Associates of Applied Science. For more information, please see the Collegiate Academy Tab.