• Campus Discipline Management Plan

    Summary of Staff Beliefs

    The Pleasant Grove faculty and staff will promote and maintain a safe, civil and productive learning environment through the implementation of a school-wide discipline management system and adherence to the Dallas ISD Student Code of Conduct.

    • The Staff of Pleasant Grove Elementary will teach students how to treat each other with respect and dignity.
    • The Staff of Pleasant Grove Elementary will encourage students to always do their best, be responsible and work collaboratively.
    • The Staff of Pleasant Grove Elementary will view minor misbehaviors as teaching opportunities, and respond calmly and consistently with corrections or consequences.
    • The Staff of Pleasant Grove Elementary will work collaboratively to provide positive feedback to reinforce success and solve problems that are prolonged and/or severe in nature.

    Campus Guidelines for Success

    • Exhibit Self-Control
    • Be courteous and respectful
    • Support the learning process
    • Respect the rights and feelings of others
    • Take responsibility for school property



    Eagle Expectations in the Hallway:

    • Students will walk in line on the right side of the hallway.
    • Students will stand or walk quietly with their hands by their sides.
    • Students will stop at all corners/passageways and await adult directives.
    • When walking alone or with another student, students will walk quietly and quickly to and from their destinations.


    Eagle Expectations in the Restrooms:

    • Use the restroom and come out as soon as you are done
    • Wait your turn in a quiet line
    • Honor others’ privacy
    • Flush Commodes
    • Clean any water spills that you cause
    • Dispose of trash in the trash can
    • Wash and dry hands
    • Talk using a level 1 voice
    • Report anything inappropriate to an adult


    Eagle Expectations in the Cafeteria:

    • Be on time
    • Remain in the cafeteria at all times
    • Use the restrooms only when necessary
    • Listen to your choices and answer in a polite manner.
    • Use your manners
    • No running
    • Stay in your seat and raise your hand if you need something
    • Clean your area
    • Use a level 1 voice when you are in the lunch line/1st 15 mins. of lunch
    • Use a level 2 voice for the last 15 mins. of lunch


    Eagle Expectations on the Playground:

    • Stay in designated areas
    • Follow staff directions
    • Use appropriate school language
    • Follow game rules
    • Include others and take turns
    • Use equipment as intended
    • Clean play areas before returning to the building


    Eagle Expectations in the Auditorium:

    • Respect school property
    • Listen carefully to instructions and/or presentations
    • Use a level 1 voice when permitted to talk
    • Walk at all times
    • Keep your hands, feet and other objects to yourself

    Communicate and Encourage Responsible Behavior 

    Procedures to Communicate and Encourage Responsible Behavior

    • Classroom Respect Agreements
    • Assemblies to encourage positive character
    • Campus Incentives
    • School-wide acknowledgements
    • Reminder displays throughout the campus
    • Implement and Maintain the Dallas ISD Student Code of Conduct

    Procedures to Correct Misbehavior 

    • Positive Practice and Reinforcement
    • Restorative Practices- Circles
    • Redirect Behavior
    • Mindfulness Breathing Methods
    • Teacher/ Student conferences
    • Parent Contact
    • Loss of privileges

    Supervisory Procedures


    • Staff will be visible and interact positively with students
    • Staff will be on time to deliver and pick up students
    • Positive behaviors will be rewarded
    • Staff will implement appropriate consequences that suit infractions
    • Office referrals will be used for illegal, physically dangerous or insubordinate behavior as defined in the Student Code of Conduct.


    Menu of Corrective Techniques


    • Ensure adequate adult supervision
    • Restorative Practices Circles
    • Parent/Teacher Conferences
    • Counseling/Psychological Services
    • Restriction of privileges
    • Confiscation of items causing disruptive behaviors to the learning environment
    • Referral to the Student Support Team/ RTI team
    • Assigning task to support beautification of the campus
    • Consequences as described in the Student Code of Conduct



    • Classroom Systems
    • Respect Agreements
    • Restorative Practices Circles- Monday and Thursday 8:00-8:15


    Eagle Student Expectations

    • Come to school everyday
    • Be on time
    • Do your work to the best of your ability
    • Follow Directions
    • Walk at all times
    • Be kind with your words, actions and gestures


    Teacher Practices

    • Respect Agreement
    • Restorative Practices Circles- Monday and Thursday 8:00-8:15
    • Set High Expectations for Students
    • Provide Good quality First Instruction
    • Practice restorative discipline principles and protocols
    • Building a positive relationship with parents