• Pleasant Grove Elementary

    Safe, Secure, and Orderly Environment Action Plan

    Campus Discipline Management Plan

    Classroom Management Plan 



    Pleasant Grove Elementary

    Summary of Staff Beliefs

    The Pleasant Grove faculty and staff will promote and maintain a safe, civil and productive learning environment through the implementation of a school-wide discipline management system and adherence to the Dallas ISD Student Code of Conduct.

    • The Staff of Pleasant Grove Elementary will teach students how to treat each other with respect and dignity.
    • The Staff of Pleasant Grove Elementary will encourage students to always do their best, be responsible and work collaboratively.
    • The Staff of Pleasant Grove Elementary will view minor misbehaviors as teaching opportunities, and respond calmly and consistently with corrections or consequences.
    • The Staff of Pleasant Grove Elementary will work collaboratively to provide positive feedback to reinforce success and solve problems that are prolonged and/or severe in nature.

    Campus Guidelines for Success

    • Exhibit Self-Control
    • Be courteous and respectful
    • Support the learning process
    • Respect the rights and feelings of others
    • Take responsibility for school propert



    Eagle Expectations in the Hallway:

    • Students will walk in line on the right side of the hallway.
    • Students will stand or walk quietly with their hands by their sides
    • Students will stop at all corners/passageways and await adult directives
    • When walking alone or with another student, students will walk quietly and quickly to and from their destinations


    Eagle Expectations in the Restrooms:

    • Use the restroom and come out as soon as you are done
    • Wait your turn in a quiet line
    • Honor others’ privacy
    • Flush Commodes
    • Clean any water spills that you make
    • Dispose of trash in the trash can
    • Wash and Dry hands
    • Talk using a level 1 voice
    • Report anything inappropriate to an adult


    Eagle Expectations in the Cafeteria:

    • Be on time
    • Remain in the cafeteria at all times
    • Use the restrooms only when necessary
    • Listen to your choices and answer in a polite manner
    • Use your manners
    • No running
    • Stay in your seat and raise your hand if you need something
    • Clean your area
    • Use a level 1 voice when you are in the lunch line/1st 15 mins. of lunch
    • Use a level 2 voice the last 15 mins. of lunch


    Eagle Expectations on the Playground:

    • Stay in designated areas
    • Follow staff directions
    • Use appropriate school language
    • Follow game rules
    • Include others and take turns
    • Use equipment as intended
    • Clean play areas before returning to building


    Eagle Expectations in the Auditorium:

    • Respect school property
    • Listen carefully to instructions and/or presentations
    • Use a level 1 voice when permitted to talk
    • Walk at all times
    • Keep your hands, feet and other objects to yourself

    Communicate and Encourage Responsible Behavior 

    Procedures to Communicate and Encourage Responsible Behavior

    • Classroom Respect Agreements
    • Assemblies to encourage positive character
    • Campus Incentives
    • School-wide acknowledgements
    • Reminder displays throughout the campus
    • Implement and Maintain the Dallas ISD Student Code of Conduct

    Procedures to Correct Misbehavior 

    • Positive Practice and Reinforcement
    • Restorative Practices- Circles
    • Redirect Behavior
    • Mindfulness Breathing Methods
    • Teacher/ Student conferences
    • Parent Contact
    • Loss of privileges

    Supervisory Procedures


    • Staff will be visible and interact positively with students
    • Staff will be on time to deliver and pick up students
    • Positive behaviors will be rewarded
    • Staff will implement appropriate consequences that fit infractions
    • Office referrals will be used for illegal, physically dangerous or insubordinate behavior as defined in the Student Code of Conduct


    Menu of Corrective Techniques


    • Ensure adequate adult supervision
    • Restorative Practices Circles
    • Parent/Teacher Conferences
    • Counseling/Psychological Services
    • Restriction of privileges
    • Confiscation of items causing disruptive behaviors to the learning environment
    • Referral to Student Support Team/ RTI team
    • Assigning task to support beautification of the campus
    • Consequences as described in the Student Code of Conduct



    • Classroom Systems
    • Respect Agreements
    • Restorative Practices Circles- Monday and Thursday 8:00-8:15


    Eagle Student Expectations

    • Come to school everyday
    • Be on time
    • Do your work to the best of your ability
    • Follow Directions
    • Walk at all times
    • Be kind with your words, actions and gestures


    Teacher Practices

    • Respect Agreement
    • Restorative Practices Circles- Monday and Thursday 8:00-8:15
    • Set High Expectations for Students
    • Provide Quality Good First Instruction
    • Practice restorative discipline principles and protocols
    • Build a positive relationship with parents