• August 27, 2018


    Dear BTWHSPVA parents and students, 
    Thank you for an amazing first week of school!  I was so impressed by all of our students during our class assemblies this past week.  We were honored to have guests from the Booker T. Washington Class of 1969 join us to tell us their story.  In fact, that is our theme this year – Tell Your Story.  All of our students, alumni, faculty, staff, and stakeholders have a unique story to tell that contributes to our BTW family.  I look forward to hearing these stories over the coming school year.   
    Have you joined our PTSA?  I hope so!  The Booker T. Washington PTSA is the largest in the state of Texas, and we owe this distinction to the participation of all of our parents, students, staff, and the many community members that continue to show interest in our school.  Our first general PTSA meeting will take place on Thursday, August 30th at 5:30 PM in the Commons.  We hope to see you there! 
    Following the PTSA meeting, parents are invited to stay for MEET THE TEACHER from 6:30-8:00 PM.  Please ask your student to provide you with their schedule prior to attending the event.  This will be an opportunity for parents to walk the school and receive a brief introduction to teachers and expectations for each class.  Please note that we will not be following a bell schedule on this evening and that parents are free to proceed to each class at their own pace.  Teachers will be presenting information every 15 minutes.   
    Our All-School musical, A Chorus Line, fits directly into the “Tell Your Story” theme this year!  Tickets are on sale through ticketdfw.com.  This amazing show explores the themes of finding your way as a young artist, and we don’t want you to miss it!  Opening night is September 13th, and the show will run for two weekends.  Please invite your friends and family! 
    This year, we have adopted Campus Norms to assist our students and faculty as we pass along traditions and expectations from one generation to the next.  These support our district Student Code of Conduct.  I wish to emphasize the importance of your student wearing their ID every day, every class period.  Additionally, we DO have a dress code, and we expect our students to dress appropriately for school.  Parents, thank you for assisting us in supporting both of these important expectations.   
    This week, we will be conducting safety drills to educate our students on campus safety procedures.  We have included the Standard Response Protocol in this newsletter so that everyone is familiar with the terminology used and the appropriate responses involved.  Student safety will always be our number one priority.   
    As part of our class assemblies, we reviewed our Mission and Vision statements with all students. 
    Mission:  As Dallas’ revolutionary high school for 21st century scholar artists, we provide intensive, integrated training to build a bridge to the post-secondary and professional world.  
    Vision: We are an intersection of innovation and creation. We are a home to the young artists and thinkers who will write the next chapter of our society. 
    We will continually revisit these statements as part of our Strategic Plan 2022.  We are counting on this generation of creative revolutionaries to positively impact our world through their artistry.  Thank you for your support of our school! 
    Scott M. Rudes, Ph.D