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    Welcome to the Counselor's Corner

    The Sunset P-TECH Counselor works with students, parents, teachers and administrators to maximize school success for every student. The P-TECH Counselor partners with the Sunset P-TECH Administration, Workplace Learning Coordinator, Teachers as well as Mountain View Community and University of North Texas at Dallas Higher Education Liaisons in providing students with academic, social and emotional support in their course of study.  


    Good day! My name is Ms. Bridget Dyer-Smith and I am very excited to be the Counselor at Sunset P-TECH.

    As a high school counselor, my primary responsibility is to promote the academic, personal/social, and career development of all students. I also look forward to offering support to students, staff, families and community. I will be meeting with students individually and in small groups, conducting information sessions on college, career and social/personal topics, collaborating with teachers and staff, and consulting with community organizations to best meet the needs of all Sunset P-TECH students and families. Any student may request to meet with me or the student may be referred to me by a teacher, administrator, or parent. I encourage you to reach out if you have concerns regarding your son or daughter. I am here to help students achieve their personal/social, academic and career goals, as well as provide support for parents and teachers.

     I may be reached by email at bdyer-smith@dallasisd.org or phone at 972-502-1613.

    I am excited to be here and look forward to getting to know you and your children.


    Sunset P-TECH Activities for the Month of October


    In Conjunction with Character Counts week, the October Guidance Lesson focused on WELLNESS: Social Emotional Learning. During this time, Students in the Sunset HS Health Classes learned the components of social emotional learning/ 21st Century Skills and how these skills transfer to college and the workplace.  Students collaborated in groups to define and discuss the application of social- emotional terms such as leadership, grit, integrity, trustworthiness, coping with stress and global awareness. Students also in groups were able to rate scenarios where these skills were applied and the effectiveness of the responses.


    The Six Pillars of Character are the core ethical values of CHARACTER COUNTS! Articulated in the Aspen Declaration, these values were identified by a nonpartisan, nonsectarian (secular) group of youth development experts in 1992 as “core ethical values that transcend cultural, religious and socioeconomic differences.


    The six pillars are; Trustworthiness; Respect; Responsibility; Fairness; Caring; and Citizenship. CHARACTER COUNTS! recommends always using these pillars in this specific order to all the use of the acronym of T.R.R.F.C.C. to help remember each pillar.

    Each Pillar is consistently identified with a color: Trustworthiness – Blue, Respect – Gold/Yellow, Responsibility – Green, Fairness – Orange, Caring – Red, Citizenship – Purple.

    Each of the six character traits are used within our CHARACTER COUNTS! program to help instill a positive school climate for students and a “culture of kindness” making schools a safe environment for students to learn.


    Red Ribbon Week:  October 23-October 27th


    Individual Planning Section




    Scholarships for High School Freshmen


    Introducing Micro Scholarships- Get Scholarships from colleges for your achievements in high school.


    Your connection to scholarships, colleges, financial aid and more.



     Responsive Services:



    Small Group Counseling will start in the month of November. Mrs. Anderson will be conducting small group counseling sessions for students who are interested in Academic Skills- Time Management, Organization, Study Skills or students struggling with Stress Management.

    Individual Counseling Sessions- Students can be referred for individual counseling sessions through self, teacher or parent referral.

    Community Service:

    community service


    Mountain View Campus Counseling Clinic


    UNT Dallas Community Counseling Clinic


    Momentus Institute:


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