• Operations

    The purpose of our campus operations support team is to serve as a liaison between district campuses and key departments to ensure the physical environment is safe, secure, and conductive for learning. DSI coordinators will support campus operations with the resolution of ongoing maintenance and facility matters. We will also support with Office of Emergency Management and Risk Management Departments as it relates to monthly routine campus fire drills, and semi-annual reporting of campus emergency drills. Our support will be implemented with professional judgment: carefully, consistently, fairly, and always with the success and best interest of the student in mind.


    Program Benefits to Schools:

    · Address campus resolution of ongoing facility and maintenance concerns.

    · Communicate campus technology-related needs to IT – Client Solutions department.

    · Send out monthly reminders to campus staff and track/monitor timely reporting (100%) of campus fire drills and submission of After-Action       reports by the 15th of each month to the Risk Management Department to meet district and city/local requirements.

    · Track and monitor timely reporting (100%) of Campus Emergency Response drills for each semester to the Office of Emergency Management to meet district and city/local requirements.


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