• Leila P. Cowart

    Ms. Leila Patience Cowart was born in or near Atlanta, Georgia in 1852.  Ms. Cowart came to Dallas in the early 1880's and began teaching at a school which later became the school administration building. Leila P. Cowart taught at a school for girls.  She was so pleased that she donated a piano, many paintings and furniture to the school.  Thus Cowart became one of the first Dallas schools to teach music.  Ms. Cowart retired from teaching in 1923, after forty years with Dallas Public Schools, to become Principal Emeritus of the Dallas Schools.  The site of the present school is where Ms. Cowart's old home stood.  She donated this campus in 1927.

    Ms. Leila P. Cowart believed in learning.  She wanted all children to know the benefits of a good life.  Her field was literature and history, ans she was profound in her knowledge of these subjects.  Students who were ready for such a teacher found in her a guide and instructor who cultivated their interests.   


    Cowart Creed

    I am a Cowart Panther! 

    I believe in myself and my ability to do my best at

    ALL times:

    I will listen,

    I will speak,

    I will think,

    I will reason,

    I will read,

    I will write. 

    I will do all these things with one purpose in mind:

    To do my best and not waste this day, for this day will not come anymore.

    We Can. We Will. We Must!!