Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Sue Hansen

It’s a long way from a small mining town in far northern Minnesota to metropolitan Dallas, Texas but I am fortunate to have lived and learned in these areas and many others. 

My family lived in northern Minnesota, not far from Canada.  Neither my mother nor father went to college but they realized the importance of a college education from the time I was young.  I was always interested in learning new things and loved reading and writing – working as an editor of our school newspaper from Jr. High through college. 

When college approached, I went to a junior college for one year.  I had spent a summer on an international exchange to Sweden through Girl Scouts and needed to share my experiences with other scouts.  Because I was very interested in languages, I thought I would major in French or Spanish after learning both in high school.  I hoped to be a translator in New York.

After a year in junior college, I transferred to Hamline University, a small liberal arts college in St. Paul.  I continued majoring in French but realized that teaching children about the world was something I enjoyed most and wanted to become proficient at.  That skill alone could make the world a better place. I graduated with a double major in French and Elementary Education.  

Hamline University had a very diverse student population.  It is the oldest university in Minnesota and had students from all over the world.  My roommate came from Germany and there were students from Africa, Asia, and Europe in all our classes.  It was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the world and the varied people and customs.   After graduation, I taught 1st graders in inner city St. Paul – many to whom English was a second language.  Their homes spoke Vietnamese, Spanish, and Cambodian.

Skipping forward 10 years, I moved to Dallas with my family.  As my daughters grew up, I volunteered in their schools and rekindled my love of teaching.  To become certified in Texas, I needed to take some on-line courses and was caught up in the world of graduate school.  I attended what was East Texas State University at night and in the summers while working during the day.  I think this instilled an appreciation for perseverance in my children.  They were proud of their mother to have a masters degree in Early Childhood and went on to get their doctorates in medicine and dentistry.  Since then Sanger has been my home and my heart as I work to spread the joy of learning.