Evelyn Perette (AP)

Phone: 972-502-7300


Degrees and Certifications:

1 2000--Associates in Science; 2003--Bachelors in Science--Applied and Pure Mathematics, minor in social sciences; 2014--Masters in School Leadership with specialization in urban schools

Evelyn Perette (AP)

   I graduated from Richland College, UT Dallas, and SMU. I obtained an Associates in Science in 2000, a Bachelors in Science in 2003; Applied and Pure Mathematics with a minor in Social Sciences, and a Masters in School Leadership with specialization in urban schools in 2014. I worked as a research student for the mathematics department of UT Dallas developing mathematical models for genetic experiments. It was paid per model created not hours (so the pay was good) and I got to travel and attend topology conferences around the US and Mexico and attend fancy events with topology gurus. I then transitioned to doing research with International Social Science Council on topics of globalization, education, family structure, and migration and the highlight of this adventure was presenting my research at the International Political Science Conference in Japan. These opportunities guided me in the direction of education. I wanted to share my passion for both mathematics and social justice and empower all students through knowledge. I was a teacher for 7 years, instructional coach for 4 years, and have currently transitioned to an AP role this year. My classroom was an interactive classroom where math intertwined with students personal lives and became accessible. I loved using models such as a car engine or a human heart to explain periodic functions in pre-calculus or how a gps works to teach trigonometry.