learning garden
  • Spring 2020 - Spring 2021

    What a year it has been! With school closing last spring because of the Covid outbreak, our students had to learn virtually for the rest of the school year. My junior gardeners were no longer able to help maintain the garden.  We were not left high and dry! Our neighbors down the street, Becky and Chris Christiansen came to our rescue. They volunteered to help me with garden projects all spring and summer. We accomplished a lot, but we sure did miss seeing the students. Luckily, we were able to start school in August with some students on campus, so we were back on track with our garden! Everything was going along swimmingly until February, and we were hit with 5 nights of below freezing temperatures. We did lose some herb plants and a few perennials.
    The students love working in the garden and seeing our onions, potatoes, carrots, beets, radishes, arugula, Swiss chard, tomatoes, mint, oregano, basil, broccoli, and cauliflower grow throughout the year. Our annual and perennial flowers add such beautiful colors and attract beneficial bees and butterflies.  Students love looking for snails, lizards, rabbits, butterflies and any other creatures they may happen upon.
    We are so thankful to our PTA for providing funds to maintain our garden. We have also received a generous donation from the Hillcrest Forest Neighborhood Association and other community neighbors. 
    We LOVE our garden!
    - Cathy Southwick, Garden Teacher


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