The Science Department at BTW is designed to prepare students for future success whether that includes an emphasis in science or not.  Like Leonardo da Vinci, we too believe that to be a good artist, you must also be a good scientist. And vice versa as well. One might argue that the really good artists show us things from a different perspective, and our department believes the sciences afford our students a truly different way of looking at things.  
    The science department is also aware of the requirements mandated by DISD and the state of Texas.  Our goal is to meet these requirements, but also attempt to integrate the arts into our curriculum whenever possible.  A correlation between the arts and the academics is really instrumental in reaching our students and enhancing their experience with the sciences.
    Science Department offerings include:
    Freshman year: Pre-AP Biology

    Sophomore year: Pre-AP Chemistry

    Junior year: Pre-AP Physics, AP Chemistry

    Senior year: Anatomy and Physiology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics 1, AP Environmental Science