• Application Process

    1. Students and parents will complete the online Dallas ISD Collegiate Academies Application at www.dallasisd.org/collegiateacademies.


    2. Students and parents will be contacted within two weeks of completing your online application in order for us to:

    •        Mail you the Applicant Interest Packet that will need to be completed and;
    •        Setup a date and time for the student and parents interviews


    3. Students and parents will report to Sunset High School at the designated date and time to participate in an interview.


    4. Students will submit their entire Applicant Interest Packet (interest application, essay, recommendations forms) at the time of the interview or no later than 7 days after their interview.


    5. Students and parents will be notified in writing of their acceptance status and next steps no later than 3 weeks after their interview and receiving the interview packet.



    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by phone at (972) 502-1610 or (972) 502-1531 or by email at raspencer@dallasisd.org and/or mapalomares@dallasisd.org.