• Alexander W. Spence

    Spence School

            Alexander W. Spence was a Dallas, Texas, resident who served in World War I. He began officer training as a second lieutenant at Camp Leon Springs, Texas, in August 1917, and was transferred to Camp Bowie in Fort Worth, the following October. Spence served with the U. S. Army Infantry, 36th Division, of the American Expeditionary Forces, primarily in France, and attained the rank of captain. After the war, Spence received his Bachelor of Law degree from Columbia University and returned to Dallas. He worked as an attorney for a number of years and served as president of the Dallas Board of Education.

    Spence introduced the concept of a junior high school to the Dallas public school system. He died in June 1934. Dallas' first junior high, Alex W. Spence, opened on February 1, 1940, and was named in his honor. Fast forward nearly 40 years later, Alex W. Spence has transformed into a premier choice school for the TAG Academy and a growing comprehensive school. We at Spence are dedicated to grow our students and lead them into future success. Our history, our alumni and our community are what make Alex W. Spence an amazing school. 


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